You can find 2 new dances in the list.

Jäävalssi aka The Waltz of Ice, Choreographers: Ulla Grönvall-Streng, Helmi Jurvanen, Päivi Jäkkö, Sari Kautto, Eeva Komulainen, Malanja Mieskonen, Kaarina Pekonen, Mirja Rönkkö, Seija Savela, Heli Silvennoinen, Kirsi-Marja Vinberg

Basin Street Blues, choreographer: Kirsi-Marja Vinberg

Obs. This website is changing to a better platform in the near future. When the change is complete, new dances are added to the website.





In the future you will see links to new line dances on the front page.

Now there are 2 new line dances on the front page!

Anja Friari's cheerful humppa line dance, Aina hauskaa olla pittää, is choreographed to a Finnish song. Dance is ABC, and so it is good training for memory, although  1 wall line dance! Humppa's basic step is nicely varied.

Another new line dance, Sambada Boogiewoo, is also made for a Finnish song. The choreography of the twins, Hanna and Laura Pitkänen, is funny and musical. The twins have created a dance together and teach it together!


Welcome to the pages!

I started to make these pages about a year ago with Topi Pudas. The summer 2018 we were busy at planning and videoshooting and dancing all the time. Topi was the man behind the camera, and senior dancers and instructors were in the other spot.

At first we were not sure, how to build these pages, and what things are important to emphasize. Topi had so encouraging attitude, and so I gradually proceeded in all those things I had to learn and develop.

We were discussing also with senior dancers and  thinking, what is important for them to see and look at in these pages. Especially these pages are made for seniors.

We made videos, and after that we made videos again. At some point in winter 2019 I started to learn video shooting by myself, and then remade many videos again.

Don´t hesitate to contact, if you want to ask something or suggest improvements.

In this summertime we will put  about twenty dances more into these pages for you.

You can use these pages to find easy dances and also practice  these dances with us. There are also advanced and many kinds of line dances in these pages, because line dancing is open for everybody, no matter how old you are.

As instructor you can also obtain login details to access this website. If you want to spread information about the dances you are teaching in your classes, you can  view content, such as what dances other instructors are teaching in their classes as well as their dance lists. 

I hope that you have good time with these pages!